Our recent Promosalons report highlights two successes and we can all take pride in their achievement!

The first is the continuing expansion of Promosalons’ business with a significant contribution via diversification, particularly in the support provided to operators who are running shows in different locations. The last consolidated financial year shows the best result in the last ten years. Careful management of the network, the performance of subsidiaries and the loyal commitment of our partners have enabled us to make those vital investments in digital, Data analysis and skills development to deepen our presence on social media. In 2018, we are also continuing the CPI (Credit Promotion Innovation) programme.

The second is the satisfaction level of show teams surging from 79% to 91% in 5 years, with the complete disappearance of “unsatisfactory” outcomes. The constant work and unfailing cooperation between country offices, the central team and the show teams have delivered this success.To understand the 9% of “less than satisfactory” outcomes, we have launched a quality initiative to be run by the Marketing Department, enabling in-depth, qualitative conversations with around thirty teams handling the marketing, communication and publicity for our member shows.

Initial feedback from these valuable conversations has shown that over time, Promosalons has positioned itself as the partner network for trade shows, with strong, recognised and unrivalled capabilities. The recurring nouns are trust, professionalism, longevity — and a welcoming atmosphere nurtured by use of the French language within a resolutely international network. Avenues for progress will likely tend towards greater promotion of the true advisory role we can play and towards the innovation we always provide.

“Believing in progress does not mean believing that any progress has yet been made. That is not the sort of belief that indicates real faith” (Franz Kafka)

Corinne Moreau
Managing Director, Promosalons