Companies in the trade show sector are enjoying “strong growth and high margins”!

Companies in the trade show sector are enjoying “strong growth and high margins”! This positive conclusion is drawn from a study produced in March 2019 by INSEE, listing the key economic indicators for our sector between 2006 and 2016.

The sector’s average mark-up rate is significantly higher than that of business services as a whole and 50% of its margin is reinvested. The only dampener is the investment rate which, at 13%, is slightly lower than that of the service sector overall (16%).

It should also be noted that, in 2016, 23% of its revenues were attributable to international customers, compared to 14% for the service sector overall. Specifically, international exhibitors account for 44% and international visitors 30% of the total presence at trade shows.

INSEE emphasises the added value of our activity, aimed at professionals and/or consumers: it contributes to business development and the spread of scientific and technical knowledge. It also has beneficial effects on other sectors such as accommodation, catering and transport.

Between 2006 and 2016, revenues increased by 4.7% in value (annual average) despite a 5.5% dip in 2009, because the sector is “sensitive” to the economic climate. The effect of the ongoing popular protests and the aftermath of the 2016 attacks call for even greater efforts, especially in promotion and reassurance.

The revenue increase is greater than that of other communications activities, excluding “Internet portals”. Companies place our business at the centre of customer relationship management (CRM).

France is in second place in the European Union with a 17% market share, behind Germany but way ahead of Italy, the United Kingdom and Spain. This should be consolidated by sustained investment in international promotion.

Plenty of things to shout about whenever we have an opportunity to promote our unique and fascinating sector!