Visitor’s portrait

(posted on 22/11/2018)

Canadian visitors are long-haul travellers. They want to make the most of their visit. They plan and prepare it for maximum ROI. They take their time, want to visit everything and carefully check out the whole programme. They also expect a warm welcome and attention from show organisers.

Services facilitating their visits and meetings are essential: site accessibility, clear signage, a VIP lounge, Wifi, etc. In Canada, social interaction is relaxed, hierarchy is less pronounced than in France and people address each other informally (with ‘tu’ in French). However, private and professional lives are kept separate. In business, Canadians like simple, clear and precise discussions.

Some small talk is tolerated at the start of the discussion but they like to get down to business quickly! Some points to watch: respect your contact’s language (French for French-speaking Canadians from Quebec), be very punctual and say “Mr” or “Ms” followed by the surname, or the person’s title if they have one, until invited to be less formal.