30 November 2022 / 1 December 2022 Exponantes Le Parc



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A new, must-attend event organised by Pollutec to respond to maritime and coastlal environmental challenges

Building on the success of the sea & coastline area of the 2021 edition, Pollutec is launching an international event entirely dedicated to the ecological transition of the maritime and coastal world: Bluetec sea & coastline by Pollutec.

With the combination of an exhibition space, multiple conferences and debates as well as site visits, Bluetec sea & coastline will allow local authorities, economic and industrial stakeholders to meet, exchange and find solutions to:

  • Reduce their environmental impact
  • Prevent and limit the degradation of coastal and marine environments
  • Adapt their development towards resilience
  • Accelerate the ecological and energetic transition of maritime activities

Bluetec sea & coastline 2022 is organized in partnership with the Pays de la Loire Region, Solutions&Co, Nantes Métropole and the Pôle Mer Bretagne Atlantique, and is supported by ADEME, BRGM, Cerema, Cinov, Cluster Maritime Français, CNES, the Eco Maires, Fimea, OFB, OREE, Plateform Ocean & Climate, Réseau Mesure, RespectOcean, Université de Nantes, Syntec Ingénierie, Wind Ship.

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