An ultra-connected operation for the Nordic countries

Trustech’s Nordic tour: country-specific with a strong digital focus

For its 2017 edition, Trustech decided to organise a tour around the Nordic region. Because the organiser had listened attentively and inspired confidence, the delegations were able to offer sector-specific packages and capitalise on market opportunities. The Nordic countries are at the leading edge of digital innovation, FinTech in particular, so social media played a major role in the success of these operations.

Norway and Sweden: content-rich events

To attract companies and professional organisations, Norway and Sweden opted for a content-rich approach. At their respective embassies, they organised small lunch debates on the topic of “Artificial intelligence in payments and FinTech companies”, with a respected expert from France and local participants.
With no standard format available, traditional promotion methods were eschewed in favour of a personalised approach on LinkedIn: looking for targets, connection requests, invitation mailings and follow-up. Over 200 digital invitations were sent out and almost 70 people got on board, twice the set target. By the end of September, regular posts by the delegations had generated over 2,000 views and some 50 likes, leading to partnerships with flagship local organisations.

Denmark and Finland: targeting the influencers

Denmark and Finland opted for a programme of individual meetings with a view to concluding partnerships with powerful umbrella organisations, an effective way of finding candidates for the Nordic start-up pavilion planned for Trustech. Promosalons Denmark arranged for the organiser to come to Copenhagen for Money 20/20 and Copenhagen FinTech Week. The Trustech representatives took part in networking and matchmaking events and an event organised by one of the largest Nordic banks. In Finland, the trade show delegation met with the two largest banks in the country and also FinTech influencers and incubators, thereby building an initial network of contacts with key Finnish players.

A perspective from Claire de Longeaux, Show Director at Trustech

“This Nordic tour exceeded our expectations. The Oslo and Stockholm conferences not only attracted more people than anticipated, but met 100% of our targets. Our gamble has certainly paid off: spreading the word of our new positioning, providing our targets with content, obtaining information, enhancing our programme and recruiting speakers and exhibitors. We’ll definitely keep doing more of the same!”