ALL4PACK Paris and Promosalons bring together stakeholders in packaging and logistics

During the ALL4PACK Paris tour across Europe and Africa, the local offices mobilised all the key players to put together an exciting and diverse programme.

Between May and September 2018, ALL4PACK Paris met stakeholders in packaging and logistics in France and in a dozen cities in Europe and Africa. Seven Promosalons offices organised and sometimes hosted this event in their own country.
They brought together some important stakeholders: journalists, exhibitors, opinion-leaders, top buyers and decision-makers, institutions and trade organisations. With its committee of experts, ALL4PACK designed a rich and inspiring programme, based on new trends and perspectives in the sector.

Attractive content
The show unveiled the results of two studies seeking to better identify evolving social preferences and their impact on packaging, one was conducted with designers in Europe and North Africa, and the other with consumers in six European countries. The local offices contributed to the programme by bringing on board keynote contributors.
In Germany, Spain and Italy for example, the major sector associations contributed. In Italy and Morocco, two designers who participated in the study put forward their vision of the market. In Algeria and Italy, designers presented their experience of the trade show and a interactive forum revealed the importance of our support. Turkey welcomed an expert who had conducted Packaging research. The presentation of the trade show and a networking session made each event a unique moment when the whole packaging community could come together.

A real asset for trade show promotion
In several countries, attendance exceeded expectations. Germany, Italy and Morocco received around thirty guests, and Algeria, fifty. In general, the event generated considerable coverage in the printed press, specialist blogs and social media, which really raised audience awareness.
This quality operation enabled the local offices to strengthen their ties with certain partners and opinion-leaders. For example, the Moroccan plastics federation confirmed their attendance at the show and shared information about it among their membership. These meetings also helped to attract new visitors.