AFRICA: SUCCESSFUL PROMOTION of Emballage and Manutention

For the first time since the Packaging and Handling shows were launched, our African representatives were asked to promote the shows in Africa.

Keen to develop their presence in the African market, the Packaging and Handling shows turned to Promosalons Ghana and Southern Africa to promote their shows.

Jacqueline Nastors, our representative in Ghana, organised a number of informational breakfast meetings in Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire. She also attended SIALO, a food industry show in Togo, to promote the shows to African trade professionals seeking packaging solutions for their products. Although the recent freeze on visas as a result of the Ebola virus has hampered efforts to bring delegations to the events, the action taken so far has helped raise the shows’ profile and will bear fruit at future sessions.

Meanwhile, Sophie Ferrand-Hazard, our representative in South Africa has established a partnership with the Institute of Packaging of South Africa (IPSA), a major packaging-industry association whose annual meeting was sponsored by the Packaging and Handling shows. The Packaging Show invited a member of IPSA’s management board and the editor of Packaging & Print Media magazine to take part in its TV show, broadcast live from the event. It was an ideal opportunity for the guests to present the packaging market in Africa.

Thanks to these initiatives, both shows have been successfully pitched to the trade in South Africa, despite strong competition from the German show Interpack, also held last May.

Overall, visitors to the shows from Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Togo, Benin and South Africa were up 37% over 2012, which augurs very well for the future.

Feedback from Aurélie Jouve,
Head of Communications for the Packaging and Handling shows:

We are so glad we focused on Africa this year! In response to growing demand from exhibitors, we really wanted to raise our profile on the African continent. Thanks to the initiatives spearheaded by Jacqueline and Sophie, we are definitely on the right path.
The Ebola virus and political climate made the task difficult for the African offices, but attendance was well up on the previous session and we are encouraged to continue our efforts for the next session. We are thinking seriously about increasing our investment in 2016 and expanding our promotional campaign to other African countries.”