Strengths of french trade shows

France – one of the top international exhibition hosting countries

There are plenty of good reasons to visit a trade show in France

The number, size and reputation of trade shows held in France offer international companies undeniable business opportunities.

Leading exhibitions in many sectors

French international exhibitions cover all the main business sectors. Often market leaders, they excel in many areas where French expertise is recognised, including automotive, agriculture, agricultural machinery, food, aerospace, fashion, lingerie, interior design, eyewear and construction.

Genuine trend and innovation observatories

Offering a window on the trends and expectations of a given market, French international trade shows are genuine trend and innovation observatories where creativity meets expertise.

Internationally oriented

France’s international exhibitions are the global market showcase of the sector they represent. They draw large numbers of international companies and have a high proportion of international visitors.
They are recognised international hubs that attract visitors and exhibitors from countries seldom seen at other European exhibitions, if at all (North Africa, Middle East, etc.). And so French exhibitions are a gateway not only to French and European markets, but also to the markets of these other regions.

Strategic and business boosters

French exhibitions are effective. They are genuine B2B platforms where a quarter of their exhibitors generate over 30% of their annual turnover.* They also offer numerous strategic opportunities: finding new customers and closing deals, developing relationships with suppliers, buyers and distributors, increasing brand awareness, promoting a company, learning about a particular market, launching or discovering new products, etc.
*(Source AFII).

A clearly defined and segmented offer

French trade shows favour a sectoral layout where it is easy to see which sector exhibitors belong to and organise customised theme trails. This approach enables visitors to optimise their visit.

In-show events to create a buzz

French exhibition organisers put on special events to galvanise business communities and create a buzz around the show. These include business forums, catwalk shows, talks, competitions and awards, site tours and theme trails in the region where the show is being held. International exhibitions are a driving force for the sector’s entire business community.

A unique promotional network

France is one of the few countries that has a network dedicated entirely to promoting its trade shows internationally: Promosalons, the global partner of French trade shows.

Paris, Europe’s top trade show destination

Paris, Europe’s top trade show destination

Hosting almost 200 international trade shows each year, Paris is way ahead of other European cities such as Milan and Madrid.

  • No 1 for the number of events
  • No 1 for exhibitor numbers
  • No 1 for visitor numbers
  • No 1 for total net stand space (Paris has 682,200 m²)

Sophisticated infrastructure in keeping with world-class events:
Paris is the world’s top tourist destination, boasting over 110,000 hotel rooms across all categories. It is easily accessible by road, air and rail from the major French and European cities. A welcome package produced by Paris Region’s key business tourism players* has been in place since 2009 to help welcome, inform, guide and transport international trade show participants.

Paris, an absolutely unique city of culture.

* Comité des Expositions de Paris; Comité Régional du Tourisme; Viparis